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    A DUI is a criminal offense that can result in serious penalties. Hiring an attorney that focuses on handling DUI cases can make a major difference.



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  • Parker Law Center Case Results

    Parker Law Center Case Results:

    Attorney Kellee C. Parker of the Parker Law Center fiercely represents her clients in all stages of the criminal and DMV processes. She is an advocate of her clients’ rights and has been successful in winning alternative sentencing, case reductions and set asides of license suspensions for her clients.

    Although California alternative sentences vary from case to case, these favorable results show how the right DUI attorney can positively influence the final results.

    Client County Result
    S.B. Orange County DUI with drugs, accident involved, levels 6x the normal level REDUCED to a wet reckless & no license suspension.
    R.G. Riverside County Early Termination of Probation GRANTED
    S.D. Los Angeles County DUI with 0.12% BAC REDUCED to a Wet Reckless
    W.N. San Bernardino County Driving on Suspended License and driving without a licenseDISMISSED
    R.V. Riverside County VOP 18 years old TERMINATED Probation
    J.R. Los Angeles County Felony 4th DUI, DUI w/ Injury, Hit and Run, Driving on suspended license, joyriding, refusal REDUCED to Misdemeanor DUI and all other charges DISMISSED
    S.N. Los Angeles County DUI with Injury REDUCED to misdemeanor DUI
    J.H. Los Angeles County DUI REDUCED to Exhibition of Speed (non- alcohol related)
    T.D. Los Angeles County DUI with 0.15% bac with collision SET ASIDE of APS Suspension – El Segundo DSO
    E.Z. Los Angeles County 2nd offense 6 months after 1st offense & Violation of Probation 96 hours jail, credit 1 day plus 240 hours community service on the VOP
    A.D. Orange County DUI REDUCED to a Wet Reckless
    R.E. San Diego County Refusal SET ASIDE– No license suspension
    P.K. Orange County 2nd offense, DA wanted 45 days jail; jail reduced to 96 hours REDUCED sentencing terms
    B.V. Los Angeles County – Metro DUI w/ 0.12% bac REDUCED to a Wet Reckless
    M.A. Orange County 2 DUIs within 1 month REDUCED sentencing terms – 60 days house arrest- NO JAIL
    F.B. San Diego DSO DUI w/ 0.18% pas and 0.17% blood bac SET ASIDE – No license suspension
    S.W. Covina DSO DUI w/ 0.16% bac with a commercial license SET ASIDE – No license suspension
    T.M. San Bernardino DSO DUI 0.17% bac SET ASIDE – No license suspension
    F.B. San Diego County – Kearny Mesa Speeding 90+ DISMISSED
    K.S. San Bernardino County – Central Courthouse DUI w/ 0.18% bac REDUCED to a Wet Reckless
    H.G. Los Angeles County – Downey 2nd offense with a refusal and accident REDUCED sentencing terms- received 5 days custody w/ credit for 2 days city jail
    J.N. Orange County – North Justice Center 2nd offense, 0.34% bac w/ a hit and run REDUCED sentencing terms – 60 days house arrest- NO JAIL
    A.G. Orange County – North Justice Center 14601.2- Driving on a Suspended License REDUCED to a 14601.1- NO JAIL & No Ignition Interlock Device
    B.H. Los Angeles County – Beverly Hills 14601.1 Misdemeanor- Driving on a Suspended License REDUCED to an Infraction
    L.G. Orange County – West Justice Center DUI – Petition to Seal & Destroy FACTUAL INNOCENCE – motion granted and client found factually innocent
    K.C. Orange County – Central Justice Center DUI REDUCED to a Wet Reckless & SET ASIDE– No license suspension
    D.R. Orange County – Harbor Justice Center Driving w/o a Valid License DISMISSED
    D.R. San Bernardino County – Joshua Tree Courthouse DUI w/ 0.12% bac REDUCED to a Wet Reckless
    S.S. San Diego County – El Cajon 2nd Offense DUI REDUCED to a Wet Reckless
    K.G. Los Angeles County – Metropolitan Courthouse – El Segundo DSO DUI w/ 0.14% bac SET ASIDE – No license suspension
    J.K. San Bernardino Courthouse – SBDSO DUI w/ 0.24% bac SET ASIDE – No License Suspension
    D.B. Los Angeles County – Torrance Courthouse DUI w/ 0.41% bac DISMISSED
    L.P. Los Angeles County -West Covina Early Termination of Probation DUI GRANTED
    I.A. Orange County -West Justice Center DUI w/ 0.12% bac DISMISSED
    L.P. San Bernardino County -San Bernardino Courthouse Early Termination of probation 14601.5 GRANTED
    L.S. San Diego Driver Safety DUI w/ 0.14% bac SET ASIDE
    R.C. San Diego County – Vista Courthouse DUI w/ Marijuana DISMISSED
    S.M. San Bernardino Courthouse 2nd Offense DUI DISMISSED


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