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  • DUI Charges Expected to be Filed in Orange County Bus Crash

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    June 6, 2014 – Edgar Estrada, the driver of the vehicle that rammed into an Orange County Transit Authority Bus on June 3, 2014, is expected to be charged with driving under the influence.

    Estrada, 23, allegedly ran a red light in his Toyota Corolla that caused him to collide with an OCTA bus that in turn crashed into a nearby truck. Police say the collision occurred at 17th and Fairview Streets in Sana Ana around 10:15 PM on the 3rd.

    A total of 15 people were injured including the bus driver. Nine of those people were transported to local hospitals with three of them listed in critical condition and six sustaining minor injuries. Estrada himself was trapped inside his car before being rescued by firefighters. He was immediately taken for treatment at the UC Irvine Medical Center.

    Santa Ana Police Department forwarded their reports regarding this matter to the Office of the Orange County District Attorney requesting charges be filed against Estrada. If you or someone you love has been arrested for a DUI, contact the Parker Law Center today for a free consultation.