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    December 24, 2014 – The “Avoid DUI” task force is currently in full effect to ensure our roads are safe this holiday season and making drivers think twice before getting behind the wheel after a night out with a few cocktails. This campaign started on December 12, 2014 and will remain in effect until January 1, 2015. In Orange County alone, 14 DUI/driver’s license checkpoints have been planned for this period and there will be at least 27 DUI saturation patrols roaming the streets actively searching for drunk drivers. California Highway Patrol specifically will be on maximum enforcement across the entire state on December 24-25 and December 31- January 1.

    With Christmas a day away and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, it is imperative that you plan a safe ride ahead of time if you plan on celebrating these holidays with any libations.   If you do not have a designated driver then services such as Uber and Lyft offer a nice and cheaper alternative to taking a taxicab.

    For New Year’s Eve, a few agencies are offering free services to help keep drunk drivers off the road and to ensure that many have a safe end of the year celebration. The Automobile Club of Southern California is offering its yearly free “Tipsy Tow” service. It is available starting at 6 PM on December 31st to 6 AM on January 1st.  This service offers drivers a free tow home up to seven miles, available in 13 Southern California counties. Tipsy Tow can be contacted at 1-800-400-4222.  Also for the 12th year in a row, the Orange County Transportation Authority is offering free bus rides on New Year’s Eve starting at 6:00 PM and ending New Year’s Day at 2:30 AM.   Nearly 100,000 people have taken advantage of this offer since its inception. To check out bus routes and schedules visit www.octa.net.

    If you or someone you love are arrested for a DUI this holiday season, it is essential that you contact an experienced DUI lawyer.  A competent DUI defense lawyer will fiercely defend your rights and help minimize the severe consequences associated with a DUI conviction.   Contact the Parker Law Center for a free consultation today!