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    A DUI is a criminal offense that can result in serious penalties. Hiring an attorney that focuses on handling DUI cases can make a major difference.



    Hiring an attorney does not have to break the bank. Parker Law Center aims to provide all clients effective DUI representation at affordable rates.



    Our aggressive defense strategies have enabled us to successfully represent a variety of complex misdemeanor and felony DUI cases across Southern California.
  • Client Testimonials

    I found Kellee Parker’s name online. I was looking for a lawyer to help me out with A DUI issue. After a brief discussion with her, in my option I felt really comfortable with her and that’s how I chose her to represent me in court. With her representing me in court I was able to clear up a court issue that was 18 years old. Before going to court Kellee made sure I knew my options and gave me no false promises. She was up front with me and I’m so very satisfied with the court outcome (no violation of probation penalties and probation terminated). I would recommend Kellee to anybody she is great thank you again Kellee.

    Client R.V.ContinueRiverside County, CA

    I happened to know Ms. Parker from her website. After reading her information and cases, I found that she is very responsible, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and seeks for ways to win the trials as best possible. I made the right choice, and Ms. Parker represented me in Court and kept me updated on what was happening. I never needed to meet Ms. Parker in person. With the appropriate procedures of her case handling, I spent the least amount of time and money at the end. For instance, when I was in the DUI class, I knew a classmate who had a lower BAC than I did. After hearing his story, I realized that his lawyer did not do the right thing. My classmate happened to spend more time going to courts back and forth, with unreasonable punishment. Based on the above, I believe future clients should know about Parker Law’s services especially Ms. Parker is very professional in all DUI matters.

    Client P.S.ContinueLos Angeles, CA

    I interviewed a few attorneys close to me and chose Kellee Parker because she seemed to know more and her practice is dedicated to DUI. Also, whenever I called or e-mailed Kellee she answered right away. I never felt bad for asking a lot of questions and never felt like I was bothering her. DUI cases are so complicated. Until you are stuck in one, you have no idea how many different processes are going on at the same time. There is a court case and there is also a case with the DMV. They happen simultaneously but independently and it’s so confusing. There were many, many court appearances that I would have had to make, but my attorney made them all for me. She took the time to gather all evidence and she was able to get one of the two counts against me (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) dismissed. The best thing about Parker Law was how available my attorney was to me. Other firms I called at first were slow to call back. She explained everything and her knowledge was extensive. I am sure that I would have been so stressed out and the outcome would not have been as good if I had tried to handle the case myself. With her making all appearances for me, I didn’t have to miss work. I have already recommended her to one friend and I would recommend her to anyone going through a DUI.

    Client K.W.ContinueOrange County, CA

    I am writing in regard to The Parker Law Center, in particular about the services and interaction I had with Kellee C. Parker, who I retained last year in a rather odd and rushed case of DUI. I was ticketed for taking prescription drugs, which I had been on for 10 years without incident. I contacted a friend who was an attorney to handle the case and in less than a month, the DMV released all charges against me for lack of evidence. Then months later I received a notice from the District Attorney of Harbor Justice Center, saying they were filing a complaint against me. After months of paying my attorney to go to court only to be told they didn’t have the evidence yet, my “friend” attorney wanted an additional $5,000 to retain a DUI expert and pay them both. This was less than days before I was to appear for court. So I contacted a sharp political, legal friend who said I needed the best DUI specialist, Kellee Parker. I contacted Kellee the same day and she saw me and offered to do the case for 1/3 of her regular fee because we were so close to finishing the case! THAT is and remains the key reason I used Kellee, she is HONEST and cares about the client, not the money. She always had time and answers for me and I had a lot. She was patient and understanding of my lack of experience in this complex case. She, unlike other attorneys I have used, gave me her professional opinion, her reasoning for that opinion, but most important, she told me what she would do and recommend if it were her that was being charged. I would highly recommend Kellee for anyone in a bind who needs an honest, knowledgeable attorney. She saved me a lot of damage and problems through her efforts and experience. I could go on forever, but with such a complex, tough case it is sufficient to say Kellee Parker Law is #1 in my life!

    Client S.B.ContinueOrange County, CA

    Several years ago while visiting California I made the unfortunate decision to drink and drive, and I was consequently arrested for my actions. Being that I was in the midst of some very poor decision making, I also decided to postpone following through with my initial obligations to the court. A bench warrant issued for my arrest. Knowing this would affect any and all background checks, and my ability to drive in the state of California, I decided to embark on finding a lawyer to help me resolve this matter. I found Ms. Parker through a general search for California DUI lawyers and she was one of several in the area and I sent emails to the attorneys explaining my situation. Ms. Parker was the only one to respond to me in person, the very same evening. She kindly explained the process, her office requirements and fees, and immediately forwarded to me the necessary paperwork to begin working on my case. In just a matter of days, my warrant was re-called, and the initial mandates were re- instated with no additional sentencing requirements nor jail time. Luckily, Ms. Parker was able to appear in court on my behalf saving me the time & money I would have otherwise spent on travel accommodations. What attracted me most to Ms. Parker’s firm first, was her educational background, and graduating top of her class, followed by her experience working in criminal defense. Overall, communicating with Ms. Parker was made easy and accommodating. Her fees are extremely fair and payment arrangements were accepted, her overall level of professional courtesy, level of expertise, and knowledge made choosing her practice to defend me one of the wisest decisions I have made.

    Client M.H.ContinueOrange County, CA

    I was searching the web for representation and came across your site, and after talking with you I was convinced that your firm was my best choice. The expediency in which you handled my case enabled me to put behind me an error of judgment, return to work and to begin to put my experience behind me and for that I will always be grateful. To any future or prospective clients, I would tell them that as my experience with The Parker Law Center goes I truly believe you can believe and trust in the dedication of this firm and the willingness of their associates to fight and win. I placed my trust and received the actions of that trust to set my life on track. Thank You Kellee Parker for everything.

    Client R.G.ContinueRiverside County, CA

    I selected Parker Law Center to represent me. I found their website and saw that they concentrate on representing those charged with DUI locally and out of town, which I needed to consider because my case was out of town. I am so “grateful” that Kellee Parker herself took my case and “won.” My license to drive was at stake and thousands of $$$. She was persistent with the DMV and my license was reinstated.  I saved thousands of $$$, my job, my household, and most of all the stress is gone! Thank God for Kellee! Anyone in any type of DUI situation should call Parker Law Center; they will take unlimited time to listen and document your case. They are Professionals, Persistent & Punctual, that = Parker for me! There are no words to show my appreciation in the service I received!

    Client R.E.ContinueSan Diego, CA

    I am writing to let you know that if you need legal help you are not going to beat the Parker Law Center. Ms. Parker puts you at ease from your very first phone call. She never makes you feel like an idiot and more importantly, she does not fill your head with false hope. I had several cases in several counties, and most of the cases she got dropped! The results from my DUI also were much better than expected. She also worked with me with the finances. Bottom line, if you need top notch legal service and still want to be treated like a person, you are not going to find anyone better than Ms. Parker and her staff.

    Client W.N.ContinueOrange County, CA